Indian company sells handmade goods for $2.50 Amazon,Amazon’s Indian subsidiary sells handmade Indian goods for more than $2 each

An Indian-owned business selling handmade Indian and regional goods on has opened up a new marketplace where people can buy handmade items and make money from them.

Sena Bhuvan, founder of Made By Hand, said the new platform was designed to cater to the needs of local vendors.

She said her business has more than 10,000 items on its site and was looking for more people to get involved.

I have an idea for a new website where people from different parts of India can buy and sell their handmade goods and sell them on Amazon,” she said.”

I would like to expand this and help other small-scale businesses as well.

“Sena said the site was set up in partnership with Amazon India, the Indian company that sells the popular app.

She said the platform was meant to provide a more transparent way of selling goods and to help people buy and trade goods directly from their local vendors, rather than through third-party sellers. 

Amazon’s online store for India and other markets also has a section for handmade goods.

The Indian marketplace is the only one of its kind in the world.

Sarna Bhattarai, founder and CEO of Bhattara Group, said that Amazon has created a platform to enable businesses to sell their goods directly to customers.”

The platform, called Handmade by Hand, will be able sell items from around the world, including from Amazon.”

We are hoping to be able to sell handmade goods in a very transparent manner and we hope this new platform will be the next step for our businesses.”

The platform, called Handmade by Hand, will be able sell items from around the world, including from Amazon.

The platform will include a cashback system, where buyers can make a commission on purchases made through the platform.

Sara Bhushan, co-founder and CEO at India’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer, Laptop Corp, said there was a lot of demand for handmade items.

“This is not just a new platform, this is an important platform because it opens up the market for handmade products,” she told The Associated Press. 

She said that the platform would also be a way for people to earn money through the marketplace.

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