Ameraki, a new marketplace that sells handmade goods online in India, is looking to start in India.

The website launched in November and is now looking to grow to include other categories.

In a statement, CEO Vijay Jha said: We want to create a marketplace that has a similar experience for customers.

People from across India and across the globe are coming to us because of the affordability and quality of the handmade goods we offer.

“The fact that we offer our products in the local language is also a big draw for customers,” he added.

The site is currently looking for vendors who can bring in more than 50 handmade goods to be showcased on its platform.

The business is also looking for more and more people to help out.

The first batch of goods will be displayed on the website on March 11, 2018.

While the business aims to grow rapidly, Jha explained that the website will not be able to serve everyone.

“We will focus on specific groups of customers and they will have a chance to discover more and better quality handmade goods,” he said.

He added that the first batch will feature only about 10 to 15 of the most popular brands.

He said that the site is looking for people to contribute to the business, but said that more vendors will be added soon.

The market is looking at selling more than 100 brands in its first phase.

While Jha noted that the marketplace is targeting a small market in India that is not known for its handmade goods and that it does not have the budget for a large-scale operation, he said that a new platform will allow the company to cater to this market.

The marketplace will also have a variety of price points and the first products will be priced at $25-$50.

It is looking into launching a marketplace for food products.

Amerakis website has already been used by retailers like Aamir, Gajendra and the new site will help them expand the range of products they offer.

This could include more brands that were not available before.

Jha added that while the marketplace has not yet reached a mass market yet, it is working on reaching more merchants.

“It is not an easy business to start a business, so we are taking a lot of risks to try and make it successful,” he explained.

“However, we will keep improving and continue to grow our product offering.”

The website has a goal of serving 100,000 customers per day and the site will be growing quickly as it grows.

“There are a lot more people than we thought and that is our aim, to make sure that we reach that goal,” Jha told Mashable.

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