An article published by the Associated Press shows how the Internet has become a big business.

The article includes a story about an online auction where a woman named Kate found an old wedding ring she wanted to auction off for $10,000.

She thought she was selling a gift card for a store in New Jersey that sold vintage clothing and jewelry.

The seller was actually buying a piece of jewelry from a woman in the state who was selling her wedding ring online.

The auction ended up being sold for $2,200 to a woman who bought it online for $20,000, but Kate decided to keep it and auction it off for a whopping $50,000 online.

“I thought it was funny that it was a giftcard,” she said in the article.

Kate found out that the seller of the ring she was bidding on was actually selling her own ring.

“That was really kind of weird to me because I was thinking, ‘I think I’m supposed to be buying that for my own wedding ring,'” Kate said.

“But I guess it’s kind of funny to me, because it’s really, really hard to tell who is actually selling something on eBay.”

Kate said she had no idea she was doing anything wrong.

“This is just one of those cases where I’m kind of surprised that it actually worked,” she told NBC News.

The woman who sold Kate’s ring is still on the auction block.

Her name is Amy Denton and she’s auctioning off a ring that she says she got from her ex-husband, Keith, a police officer.

Denton told the AP that she got the ring from Keith in a garage sale.

Keith died in 2009.

“It’s been sitting around for years in a box,” she explained.

“My husband and I just had to get rid of it and put it in a safe.”

Denton said she was surprised that the ring was worth more than $2 million.

“To me, it just seemed like a crazy way to spend a lot of money,” she admitted.

“And that’s kind, really, like a lot.”

Kate told NBC news that she found the ring while looking for jewelry online.

She said she didn’t realize the ring could be so expensive until she bought it.

“At first I thought it could be a piece that I didn’t need and I would just sort of throw it away,” she recounted.

“Then when I started looking through eBay and looking through all of these different sites that had lots of jewelry auctions, it seemed like this is actually what I was looking for.”

She said her husband Keith died while she was working as a police chief and her son was just two years old.

Kate said that she had never auctioned off her own jewelry before and never planned on auctioning it off online.

But when she found out she was going to auction it for a million dollars, she thought it would be a good way to keep her family’s ring.

Kate decided she wanted it for her husband’s ring so she could keep it for herself and give it to her son.

“Keith would have been so proud of me,” she recalled.

Kate told the Associated News that she bought the ring for $15,000 from her friend, who gave it to Keith.

“We’re talking about this ring that I thought I would never get to have and it just kind of slipped out of my hands,” Kate said in a phone interview.

“After it slipped out, I went online and saw that this woman had an auction for it, and I said, ‘What the hell, I want it,'” Kate told The Associated Press.

“She was like, ‘Well, you have to do a lot more than that.

“Even though it was my husband’s wedding ring, my heart still aches for him,” she remembered. “

“Because it is just so beautiful, it has such sentimental value, and it’s just so precious to me.” “

Even though it was my husband’s wedding ring, my heart still aches for him,” she remembered.

“Because it is just so beautiful, it has such sentimental value, and it’s just so precious to me.”

She added that the rings she was auctioning were for different people.

“They were for family and friends and family and colleagues and my family,” Kate told CBS News.

“If they ever sell it, I just want to put it up for sale and see what it sells for.

It’s just too much to sell.”

The Associated Statesman also got the chance to speak to Kate who shared her thoughts about the Internet’s love of online auctions.

“The Internet is like a magic shop,” Kate explained.

“[It’s] really like an online art gallery.

It has so many amazing artists and people, but also it’s sort of like a gallery for your money.”

Kate added that she thought the Internet could have made a lot better use of her money.

“For me, there was this whole idea that online auctioning is just the way

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