You may have heard the saying “It’s not about ingredients, it’s about how they’re made” and that applies to everything from homemade jam to homemade ramen to homemade chicken noodle soup.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Japan, where many of the best things to eat are homemade.

For a start, you can find a lot of homemade ingredients in restaurants, so it’s very easy to find a good quality Japanese-style meal in a place where it’s hard to find the ingredients.

But the best parts of homemade Japanese food are the small items that are actually made, from the sauces to the rolls.

This is where you can make the perfect homemade jam in a matter of minutes.

Here are the top tips for making homemade jam.


Make sure the ingredients are well-salted and washed The first step is to make sure the salt is well-washed.

A lot of people think jam will taste good with salt but it doesn’t, and this is because jam can be served without salt.

The salty texture of jam can make it hard to taste it, so make sure it’s salted before serving.


Wash the ingredients thoroughly and thoroughly rinse It’s important to soak the ingredients for at least three minutes, as they tend to become sticky after prolonged sitting.

Do this as soon as you add them to the blender, because it’ll be difficult to get them to separate before the jam has finished boiling.

This means the salt will be absorbed into the mixture before it becomes solid.


Rinse again Once the salt has been absorbed, it should be clear.

If it’s still sticky after you’ve finished, it means that the ingredients need to be washed.

You can use a food mill to grind them into flour or water, but be careful not to crush them.


Stir the ingredients into the boiling water to get the consistency of a thick sauce This is a very important step, as the jam will be very thick.

Add a little water to the jam, as it will make it easier to pour.


Transfer the mixture to a bowl The final step is pouring the jam onto the rolls and rolling them.

Don’t put them in a bowl, as this will create a mess that will be difficult for the dish to hold together.


Serve the jam with your favourite toppings of choice, such as pickled red pepper flakes, grilled scallops or roasted soy sauce, or the jam can easily be made vegan. 7. Enjoy!

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