A woman in a designer suit and tie has become a meme.

“Wanna dress up?” she tweeted to her followers in response to a question about her choice of outfit.

“It is fun.


The trend, which originated in the United Kingdom, is a reference to the American pop culture phenomenon “Wedding Crashers,” in which a couple dresses up as men to entertain their wedding guests.

But the hashtag trend has now spread to the United States, where a man dressed as a woman has become an icon.

Here’s how.

A man in a suit and a tieThe trend originated in Britain, where the man in the suit and ties was a meme, popularized by Twitter user @TheHappiestMan in 2014.

The British social media phenomenon has since spread to other countries.

The man in question, who goes by @happiestman, is known for his signature style of a suit-and-tie with an embroidered dress.

His style has evolved since then, with other styles including a button-down shirt, a tie, and even a jacket.

The most popular example, though, is his signature suit, which is usually worn by a man with a shaved head.

The hashtag #wantwontfailedme has been trending in the U.S. on Twitter, and now even has a Tumblr dedicated to the trend.

The trend has also spread to Australia and New Zealand, where it is a meme known as “the man in his suit and his tie.”

Here are some of the other more popular ways to dress as a guy:Some men wear men’s suits and ties and others dress up in women’s attire, but many of them don’t even bother with the details.

For example, a woman wearing a suit in the “traditional” sense may not wear a tie.

The reason: men don’t like to wear ties.

A few men, however, do choose to dress like a man, and some are doing so in a way that is more subtle than others.

“The trend has evolved a lot since the original #wantswontworkedme,” tweeted @happiness.

Some men, such as @holly_sarah, wear a dress to the office, while others dress like men, while still others opt to wear a suit.

“If you can’t tell who’s man and who’s woman, you’re not paying attention,” tweeted one Twitter user.

In the case of the @wantswon’tfailme meme, the trend has spread to a number of different countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

But in the past year, it has also started to gain traction in the UK, where “The Happiest Man” has become the subject of jokes on Twitter.

The phrase is sometimes used as a joke.

But even though the hashtag is still trending in a handful of countries, the phenomenon is not all bad.

“If it’s not too late, you can wear a hat,” the author of the Tumblr said.

“You don’t need a suit to be a man.”

If you’re looking to make a statement, consider this: The phrase #wantedwon’tworkme is still a trending phrase in the English-speaking world.

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