Posted September 16, 2018 07:18:36What if we were all wearing masks and werent even looking at each other?

This is the idea behind ‘Hands Free’ which is a fashion project that uses masks to highlight the importance of social media and the power of masks to keep us safe.

The project was born from a year-long discussion between designer Keshav Rajendra and fashion designer Sarah Lichtman, who wanted to use masks to create a collection of masks that were both fashionable and also protective.

“The mask industry has never been more prevalent and we have been working on this project for a year,” said Rajendra.

“We are in this to make a statement.”

The masks are meant to highlight social media safety.

The masks come in two colours and one style, with one being a black, white, and grey style.

The masks feature a mask that can be worn for the face or a face mask, and have three styles: a face, a body, and a mask.

HandsFree will also feature masks from other brands, including Gucci, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marc Jacobs.

Each mask will cost $35, and the masks will be available for purchase at select boutiques across Chicago and the greater metro area.

Rajendra said that HandsFree is not just about masks.

“We also want to make sure that our products are accessible for all, including young people, those with disabilities, and anyone who feels unsafe in public,” he said.

It is a concept that has taken a while to come together.

“It took us a year and a half to make it work,” said Lichtmann.

“It took a lot of research and collaboration.

And we had to figure out how to be creative about it, and that’s what we were trying to do.”

Rajendras idea started with a thought exercise:What if you could make a mask for every aspect of your life?

What if you were able to choose what you wanted it to be and how you wanted to wear it?

The mask concept came from a long conversation about how we should think about masks and the ways we can use masks.

Rajendra said it was something that he wanted to do because he believes that masks have a profound impact on our mental and physical well-being.

“Masking has a lot to do with how we feel, and masks make people feel,” he explained.

“They make us feel safe, they make us want to go out and meet new people.

I think masks make us look better and more like the real us.”

The project is currently being funded through Kickstarter, which has already raised $7,000.

It will be released in December.

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