Handmade goods are everywhere these days, from luxury watches to toys to clothes to toiletries.

But Indian designers have long been at the forefront of creating them, and now they are taking the country to new heights.

In a new report by Next Big Futures, we’re taking a look at the most popular handmade goods in India, and what they’re made of.

The report, called ‘Handmade in India: Designers’ Workshop: Handmade in the Heart of India’ finds that of the top 10 most popular items made in India last year, nine were handmade.

It also found that the biggest growth has been in the category of handmade goods from small, local businesses, and that they are becoming more popular.

The biggest growth in the market is seen in the niche category of hand-made jewellery.

It’s an industry that is being driven by local communities, who are now finding that they can offer a better price, quality and service than their big international brands.

The report also highlights the importance of women in the handmade market, who make up the majority of the workforce.

In addition to hand-crafted items, the report also looked at the latest trends in India’s artisanal industry, including artisanal cheeses, handmade tea and coffee, and herbal teas and fragrances.

It found that artisanal artisanal cheese has become a $50 billion market in India alone.

And the report highlights how the industry is growing in areas such as tea, wine and perfumes, as well as leather, handbags, and jewellery and jewelry and accessories.

This year, the Global Handmade Trade and the International Crafts Industry Day will take place at the Indian parliament in New Delhi, with an event featuring the country’s top international designers.

The Prime Minister will also address the event.

The Global Crafts & Designers Day will be held on March 21 at the United Nations building in New York, and it will be the first time the United States hosts the event, which is a major event for the country, with events being held in New Zealand, Australia and France.

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