It’s not exactly a new stamp to mark the centenary of the Indian National Flag, but it’s been used to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the country’s independence from British rule and the 70th anniversary that saw the nation’s first atomic bomb test.

The stamp is a “soulmate gift” that can be purchased in stores, shops and online, with the price starting at $10.

Handmade goods websites and stores in Japan have sprung up across the country to promote the stamp, which is also available in English.

“We’ve got a bunch of websites selling handmade goods, like Kiki Kuri and Aisha’s Boutique,” Kiki’s Boutiques owner Kiki Sudo said.

Handcrafted goods shop Aisha Sudo says her business, which specializes in handcrafted goods, has been hit hard by the stamp. “

It’s all really cool, it’s all about handmade items, handmade design, handmade toys, handmade games, handmade jewellery, handmade clothes, handmade accessories and so much more.”

Handcrafted goods shop Aisha Sudo says her business, which specializes in handcrafted goods, has been hit hard by the stamp.

Source: Supplied Handmade goods store Kiki Shop, in Kawasaki City, Kawasaki, Japan.

Aisha Sutoi, the owner of Kiki & Co, has used the stamp to help support her business.

“We have a huge range of handmade products,” Ms Sutooi said.

I’m very thankful that I have a place where people can come to buy handmade items.

The new stamp is so nice to see that people can buy handmade products.

“I like to sell handmade products because people like to buy from me,” she said.

The company also sells traditional Japanese crafts such as kimonos, scarves and pajamas.

For those wanting to get a taste of the stamp’s benefits, the company also offers a “special gift” stamp, in which the buyer can buy a limited edition of a handmade item at a discount.

Ms Sutoa said the stamp was very popular, and that people were coming in from Japan and selling handmade products, as well as buying their own handmade items from a range of online stores.

“They are all very excited about it, so they are really looking forward to it,” she added.

“Even people who have been shopping for handmade products online, they’re really excited about this stamp.”

The new stamps are currently only available in Japan, but are likely to be available across the world in the near future.

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