The world’s biggest handmade goods retailer, the makers of some of the world, most of the rich and famous and even the most well-known of the poor has its headquarters in Israel, and has recently opened an Israeli office.

In Israel, a business which is still in its infancy is called the “Israel-Israel Industrial Group”.

Its main objective is to establish a “Jewish state” with a Jewish majority, and to establish the industrial sector, which will make the country the center of Israel’s economy.

Its members are the largest manufacturer of leather goods in the world and a number of the largest producers of leather products in Europe and the US.

The group’s chief executive is Haim Blumberg, who is an Israeli Jew.

Its main activity is to lobby governments to grant its members Israeli nationality, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Its Israeli members include brands such as Hirsch, which is a luxury leather goods retailer; and Hirsch Leather Company, which manufactures handbags, wallets and other goods in Israel.

Its US members include J. Crew, Levi Strauss and Gap.

Blumberg has also become a prominent figure in the Israeli media, thanks to his role in the founding of the International Leather Industry Conference, which was held in Jerusalem in 2016.

He has been named the “most influential” Jew in Israel by a leading American publication, the Jerusalem Times, and was also named “most powerful Jewish person in the United States” by the Israeli daily Haaretz.

He is a member of the Jewish Federations of North America and the American Jewish Committee, according the Jerusalem-based Jewish Week.

He has been a member for over 20 years.

He recently joined the board of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, where he serves as a chairman.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Blumburg has been “a friend and adviser” to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“He has helped Israel establish a business-friendly industrial base in the West Bank, and he has helped establish an industrial industry in Israel which is growing at a much faster rate than the Israeli economy,” the report said.

“As a Jewish leader, Blumberger’s influence and stature in Israel’s public sphere is clear.”

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