New footage for “Ghostbusters” has hit the internet, with some fans complaining that it’s too long and lacks humor.

The short trailer debuted at Comic-Con International: San Diego last week and features a clip of the first-ever teaser for the film, a shot of the Ghostbusters on a train.

It’s set in the future and features an all-female Ghostbusters team.

“Ghostbuster” co-writer Melissa Russo wrote on Twitter, “I’m glad we got to see the first clip of a new Ghostbusters movie at #ComicCon.

Now that we have a first look at the film’s first teaser trailer, we can finally say the movie is about women.


Fans who have been waiting for a glimpse of the film on the big screen, have complained that the clip lacks humor and doesn’t add anything new.

The video, which was shared on YouTube by “Ghosters” director Paul Feig, has garnered thousands of likes on social media.

Feig said the short clip will be released as part of a promotional video for the upcoming “Ghosts” film, but has not yet confirmed whether it will be the one that comes out as part the film.

“We’re very excited about it,” Feig told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think this clip was just really good, but I can’t give it any guarantees.

We’re going to release it as part our video, we hope.

It will be a great tease.”

Feig also added that the video is still being tweaked.

“The footage was just very funny and very good, and it just needed some more polish,” he said.

“You’re going, ‘Okay, now it’s time to play with the camera and do more of that, and see how it’s gonna look and feel.'”

The new footage, which is scheduled to air on April 11, is just the latest in a string of teaser videos for the forthcoming film.

The first trailer premiered in February, and the film will be heading to theaters on May 15.

The film is set in 2019 and follows the exploits of a team of female heroes who work together to thwart an evil alien invasion.

In the clip, the Ghostbusters team is joined by a female villain who wants to be their savior.

The movie also stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Harold Ramis.

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