Los Angeles-based handmade goods retailer Crafts & More has been shuttered by the company behind the wildly popular handmade wandering goods brand, and it will soon be replaced by a new brand.

Crafts, which was founded in 2013 by two women who went by the name of Danielle and Emily, announced Thursday that it has closed its doors, citing “significant operational and financial challenges.”

The news came shortly after the Los Angeles Times reported that Crafts’ founders had been indicted on felony charges.

Emily and Danielle were arrested in August after a three-month investigation by the FBI and LAPD into a scheme to sell goods from their shop without a license. 

“We are grateful to our loyal customers and loyal customers’ families for all their support over the years,” Crafts said in a statement.

“We’ve learned a lot since the investigation began, but this was an entirely new chapter.

We thank all of our loyal supporters for all the hard work and support.

We’ve been working hard to get to this point and are grateful for the support and love from so many of you.”

Crafts founder Emily Van De Putte has been arrested on a felony charge in connection with her alleged scheme.

(Courtesy of Crafts and Emily) The chain was one of the few local stores to survive the closure of the famed chain of artisan shops, The Craft Shop, and eventually opened a second location in a renovated warehouse in Pasadena in 2012.

Its flagship shop, Crafts of America, also closed in 2014, but Crafts reopened the following year. 

But despite its success, the chain had its share of troubles.

The chain also faced legal troubles, including a lawsuit from a woman who claimed that she was harassed and intimidated by a former employee, and a federal lawsuit in 2018 alleging that the chain failed to pay wages to workers. 

Crafts &more is one of two small craft businesses that had a permanent location in Los Angles, and both of them closed last year.

Craft is also closing in the Los Feliz area. 

The closure of Craft and the move of Craft to Pasadena was not unexpected, but it was a blow to the community.

The two women, who started the chain with two roommates, were accused of allegedly defrauding their former clients, and were ultimately arrested.

The women are still awaiting trial. 

According to the Los Angels Times, the women were arrested last month after a five-month undercover investigation by agents from the FBI’s Los Angeles office. 

In the statement, Craft said that it is committed to making sure that its employees are paid fairly and to ensuring that customers have access to the products they want. 

While Crafts is not closing, it will not reopen its shop in Pasadena, and the store will not be able to sell handmade items, the company said.

Craft said it is working with its attorney and the Pasadena Police Department to “immediately process any and all orders for our handmade wares.” 

Craft &more was founded by Danielle Van Deputte and Emily Van Putte in Los Felis in 2013. 

At the time, the two women said they were inspired to start a handmade retail store after attending a wedding where a client purchased a “wandering-goods” item. 

On their Etsy shop, which is no longer available, the pair wrote that they started their shop because they wanted to provide quality, handmade goods that “gave the customer the joy of wandering.”

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