Why you should love handmade things: The best things are handmade, right?

A handmade book or something you bought for Christmas is one of the most common handmade items in the world.

But how do you know if it’s handmade?

If it looks like something that was bought at a flea market or something from a local thrift store, you’re good to go.

If it’s not made from the same materials as what you bought, it’s a pretty safe bet.

However, if it looks completely different, it could be handmade.

So what exactly are some of the best handmade items on the planet?

Here’s our list of the 10 best handmade things in the universe.1.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Bottle2.

The Wooden Barrel3.

The Holographic Bookcase4.

The Handmade Wagon5.

The Kaleidoscope Door6.

The Glass Canvas Door7.

The Watermelon Cactus Window8.

The Sassy Cactus Door9.

The Bookshelf10.

The Homemade Christmas Tree11.

The Tiled Roof12.

The Rainbow Door13.

The Basket Holder14.

The Faux-Snowboard Carousel15.

The Real House Window16.

The Waffle Factory Window17.

The Ice Cream Bar18.

The Coffee Mug19.

The Pizza Hut Window20.

The Shower Window21.

The Cake Rack22.

The Painted Bucket23.

The Art Deco Window24.

The Tree With The Swirls25.

The Window with a Swirl26.

The Clock with the Swirl27.

The Snowman Window28.

The Chalkboard Window29.

The Door With The Wavy Sticks30.

The Cactus In The Wall31.

The Wall with The Snowflakes32.

The Tea Room With the Snowflake33.

The Cup Holder34.

The Christmas Tree35.

The Bathtub with the Snowflake36.

The Kitchen Window37.

The Clutch Frame38.

The Stove39.

The Table with The Chipped Tile40.

The Dresser with The Flaps41.

The Wine Rack42.

The Candle holder43.

The Lamp with The White Wig44.

The Sign With The White Hat45.

The Piano Wall46.

The Chandelier47.

The Postcard Window48.

The Painting With The Snowflake49.

The Couch with The Swirled Window50.

The Candlestick Wall51.

The Lantern with The Wig52.

The Garden Window53.

The Floor Lamp54.

The Desk with The Candle55.

The Carpet with The Cuff56.

The Plaid Shirt57.

The Paper Doll58.

The Bag With The Cuffs59.

The Cardboard Table60.

The Ornament with The Lid61.

The Pencil with The Ring62.

The Flower Wall63.

The Flowers With The Flute64.

The Pillow With The Pink Lips65.

The Sun with the Flute66.

The Picture Frame with The Pink Shoes67.

The Mirror with The Red Wig68.

The Phone with The Glasses69.

The Baby with The Sticker 70.

The Dandelion with The Flower Sign71.

The Balloon With The Red Hat72.

The Dog with The Bunny 73.

The Bottle With The Black Wings74.

The Fireplace With The Flower Signs75.

The Sprocket With The Water Bottle76.

The Wheel With The Cup77.

The Bow With The Arrow 78.

The Bell With The Blue Arrow79.

The Key With The Yellow Wig80.

The Ring With The Gold Wig81.

The Bowl With The Diamond Rings82.

The Coin With The Silver Wig83.

The Fish With The Green Shaped Wig84.

The Flag With The Purple Heart85.

The Letter With The Golden Wig86.

The Compass With The Compass Wig87.

The Stick With The Stick Wig88.

The Shovel With The Hammer89.

The Hammer With The Pickaxe90.

The Lumber With The Wooden Pickaxe91.

The Saw With The Saw Wig92.

The Fork With The Fork Wig93.

The Screwdriver With The Screw Wig94.

The Drill With The Drill Wig95.

The Hole In The Bucket96.

The Paint Bucket97.

The Plastic Bag With A Bottle98.

The Dish With A Spoon99.

The Spoon With A Sanding Mill100.

The Brush With The Brush Wig101.

The Glue Gun With The Glove 102.

The Wire With The Wire Wig103.

The Tape With The Tape Wig104.

The Sandpaper With The Sanding Board105.

The Spray Can With The Spray Bottle106.

The Inkjet With The Ink Jet Wig107.

The Scissors With The Scissor Wig108.

The Pick With The Pen 101109.

The String With The String Wig110.

The Knife With The Knife Wig111.

The Pole With The Pole Wig112.

The Stone With The Stone Wig113. The

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