The Japanese fashion industry is on the rise.

The country is renowned for its quality, but it’s not all that different from the US.

As the Japanese market continues to expand and the world becomes more accepting of the West, there are plenty of new Japanese designers and producers out there who have already caught the attention of fashion magazines, websites, and retailers.

Here are 10 Japanese designers who are making their mark on the fashion industry in 2017.1.

Kyocera Kyocer One of the most recognizable brands in Japan, Kyocers has been around for over 30 years.

The company was founded in 1973 and is one of the first Japanese companies to focus on outdoor wear.

Its signature colors include red, pink, and blue.

Their flagship product, the Kyocering, is a soft, synthetic fabric with a high-performance mesh that can be dyed to match a variety of colors.2.


KOGEL KOGELE It’s been nearly a decade since the Japanese brand Kogel released its first line of products.

The Kogele brand is a luxury label for the Japanese fashion scene, focusing on the art of dressing, creating accessories, and making sure that everyone has the right outfit for a certain occasion.

The brand launched in 2013, and since then, the brand has grown to be a global brand.4.

Mango Mango has been a popular Japanese brand since the early 2000s, when it was created as a result of the popularity of the popular Japanese anime show Mahouka.

The name means “fairy flower,” which is a reference to the anime’s fairy tale, Mahoukenjou no Yume.

Moko, Moko’s most popular line, is made from cotton, silk, and polyester that are all designed to absorb sweat, which is used to make the fabric.5.

YSL YSL has been in business since 1989, when the brand was founded by American designer and fashion designer Yuliana Tung.

Yulianas clothing, which includes a range of jackets, shirts, and pants, is often made from organic cotton, polyester, and silk.6.

K-Beauty K-beauty was founded back in 2008, and is known for its feminine and feminine-looking products.

They feature feminine, powder-free, high-impact products that are made with organic cotton.7.

BOBBIN BROKEHEADs first line, Bobbin, is considered to be one of Asia’s most iconic brands.

The bobbin line is made of high-quality cotton and has a signature floral design.8.

HUGELY NICEHUGELY has been going strong for more than 30 years, since its first collection, featuring women’s tops and dresses, in 2002.

The line includes dresses, tops, and skirts made from high-end fabrics.9.

LACYTE LACYYY has been on the scene for nearly two decades, and it’s been recognized as one of Japan’s top fashion labels ever since its inception.

Lace is one color of polyester cotton that is spun into fibers that can withstand the elements and stay cool.10.

FOREVER GROSS has been an international fashion brand since 2012, when founder and CEO Yoko Nagai launched the brand with her boyfriend, Haruhiko Nakagawa.

Since then, Forever Fresh has grown into a fashion brand with a global reach.

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